Nature’s Treat: REAL SNOWCONES

When I think of sno-cones the first thing that comes to my mind is a hot summer day, however who says this yummy treat is only for the hotter days. Living in New York we usually get a bunch of snow here and there and those days sometimes mean no school, no work.. ALL PLAY. A Snow DAY! Today was one of those days. Turn up the heat, run out and grab some fresh, white, and clean snow. I would suggest just filling up a large bowl of the pure fresh flakes and fill it all the way to the top. You just might be making more than a few beacuse they are just so good. 

I found some sno-cone syrup, cones and spoon-straws that I had left over from the summer months so I just used what I had. If you don’t have sno-cone syrup you can use regular juice (we used pineapple juice for my two year-old) or you can make a homemade simple syrup to pour over your freshly scooped snow. If you want to really kick it up a notch you can top it off with some creamy sweetened condensed milk. OMG…  Thank me later

I let my kids make a their own sno-cones and they chose which flavors they wanted to mix. Cherry & Root beer seemed to be my daughter’s top choice. I tasted it and it was actually very tasty. 

My little man loves pineapple juice so I used that to sweeten up his sno-cone. 

Making sno-cones is a very fun and quick way to spend quality time with your kids, create a delicious treat and add to the fun memories of how snow can be fun even when it is a pain for us parents. Next time it snows in your neck of the woods grab the kiddies and gather up some  fresh fallen snow and make some yummy slushy sno-cones. Add it to your winter To-Do list.