Magical Unicorn Sleepover

This year my daughter celebrated her 9th birthday. It has me pulling out my hair because I can’t believe how time can fly by so quickly. I feel like I just gave birth to her 3 years ago. Boy, they really grow up in the blink of an eye. She always hinted to me that she wants to have a sleepover so after celebrating birthday after birthday,  I…  ( I mean WE) … realized that she’s getting older and it’s time for her to have her 1st official sleepover. 

I decided to go with customized sleep mask for the invitation. I pretty much made them with a regular cotton shirts. I’m thinking I should do a tutorial on how I did it soon. Each guest had their name on one side and the invitation information on the other side. They were so cute and sparkly. 

Since we are in the process of renovating the living room and it was spacious and empty it was the perfect place to set up a magical sleep den. The girls jumped and played in this area all night. They played Karaoke, watched movies, munched on unicorn pizza,  tried fish sandwiches with hand cut fries, ate ice cream, stuffed their face with popcorn, and even made magical red velvet mint lip balm.  

There are so many cute elements throughout this sleepover from the unicorn head, loads of balloons, Matching pajamas, Heidi Swapp light boxes with custom messages,  and beautiful flowers all around. For treats the girls enjoyed unicorn rice krispy treats, unicorn oreos, cotton candy flavored popcorn, cotton candy ice cream,  and cake.

The 5 girl’s + 1 little baby brother had a great time. Take a look at more pictures below and take in all the magic.  I just absolutely love the custom pillows I made. She still uses them to this very day. 




I hope you enjoyed the Magical Unicorn sleepover. It was full of fun and the girls really had a great time.