Filling out Contact Cards: Back to School Organizing


As the new school year begins us parents will be bombarded with loads and loads of paper work to read, fill out and file away. Calendars, lunch forms, trip consents, fundraisers, and that large colored index card of contacts of whom your child can be released to. Every year as parents we must fill out these cards even if your information hasn’t changed. I save myself time by typing the information up on the computer and printing them out on clear labels. I say I save time only because I’m a perfectionist and I hate scribbling out, crossing out and using white-out to correct mistakes. Sometimes we either write too fast, write too sloppy, can’t fit long content in the small spaces provided or we clearly can’t find a pen to write with ( my main reason). Typing up the information allows you to be able to fit everything nice,  neat and organized.

There may be a section that asks for physician info or allergies your child/ children may have. Sometimes typing stuff out is clear and legible unlike handwriting. IMG_9948

I used the Avery 88695 Clear easy peel Return Address Labels to print on. The  labels print nicely and smudge free. If you’re using an ink-jet printer you may want to let the ink dry before pulling them off the backing paper.  avery labels


The program I used to print the labels is up on the Avery website. You can either Design and Print straight from the website using the “Design and Print” section under the templates section or you can Download the software onto your hard drive.

Once you fill out the information you can print them out and place each label in the correct spot on the card. IMG_9939

It’s not difficult nor tedious if your familiar with making labels. If this is your first time it may take some time but it’s not hard at all.

Try it out… you’ll see!