Cold days call for HOT Lunch!

When the temperature starts to decrease eating cold sandwiches just won’t cut it. My daughter usually only wants to eat school lunch on Fridays (pizza Fridays) so I send her with lunch usually 4 days out the week. I have been sending her with Thermos Lunches ever since she was in Pre-K and I just recently purchased a new one this year (she’s in Third grade now) because the top actually broke . Honestly I thought I would have to buy one every year but it lasted this long which was a shock to me. She started out with the Hello Kitty one and has now upgraded to the Shopkins thermos.

We have had a positive experience using Thermoses and I know for sure I’ll be using them with my son (He’s such a picky eater). Most food can stay hot for  up to six hours. I try to use food that has a sauce in them because they tend to stay warm the longest.  It’s most ideal to stick with non meat foods to help prevent any food borne illnesses that come from eating foods not at the right temperature so be very careful with preparing because you don’t want to make your kids sick.




  1. Always wash the thermos (RIGHT AWAY). Don’t let food sit in them (Sometimes your child might not eat all of the food in the thermos) You don’t want any stinky smells to linger from old food.
  2. To ensure your going to keep the food hot (or if your child has a late lunch time) before you actully put the lunch in the thermos, heat some water (in a pot or in the microwave and add it to the thermos). Let the thermos sit for about 10-15 minutes with the hot water. Then, POUR THE WATER OUT.  After you pour out the water you can then put in the contents for lunch. 
  3. When heating up any foods before putting them in the thermos try and heat them up hotter than you would if your child was eating it at that moment. 
  4. Great Hot lunches are pasta lunches.  Spaghetti, Fettuccine Alfredo, Macaroni and cheese, and Baked ziti. Send it with some yummy bread. 🙂