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Snowday Sno-Cones

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Unicorn Oreos $35

These adorable unicorn oreos can be made in any color scheme to go with your party or function.  

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Jordan Cupcake Toppers $40

These are the perfect toppers for any Jordan lover.Very unique and rare. Order yours now!

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Custom Sleep Mask Invitations

These adorable dual purpose sleep mask invitations are perfect for any sleepover theme.

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Magical Unicorn Sleepover
Posted By tonitabonita  Posted On 31-Mar-2017

This year my daughter celebrated her 9th birthday. It has me pulling out my hair because I can’t believe how time can fly by so quickly. I feel like I just gave birth to her 3 years ago. Boy, they really grow up in the blink of an eye. She…

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Nature’s Treat: REAL SNOWCONES
Posted By tonitabonita  Posted On 14-Mar-2017

When I think of sno-cones the first thing that comes to my mind is a hot summer day, however who says this yummy treat is only for the hotter days. Living in New York we usually get a bunch of snow here and…

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What’s in your kids cereal?
Posted By tonitabonita  Posted On 07-Dec-2016

There are so many cereals out there in the world. There are “Brand” name and “Generic” brands however so many of them are not healthy for us to be giving our children on a daily basis. There are GMOs (Genectically modified organisms), large amounts of SUGAR, Annato (…

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